We offer a credit card transaction solution and a settlement solution connected with i - Account for the merchants

  • i-Account API
  • クレジットカード決済

Transaction Flow


No initial fee. No monthly fee. Cheapest commission setup in the industry at USD 3/transaction.

  • 22 currencies available
  • Free technical support and services during system integration
  • Proceeds can be remitted to any bank worldwide
  • User-friendly system, created and developed in-house

Multi-language customer support available (Japanese, English, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese, Korea, Russian, Filipino)

Immediate money in service

Unlike credit cards that clear funds for every two weeks to a month, your income is reflected in your account immediately

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Payment Service for International Business
Standard support for China UnionPay

A professional system settlement company, i-Payments provide merchants a convenient, low service fee online payment service. With coverage of today’s top card brands VISA、MasterCard、CUP (China Union Pay) and American Express, i-Payments also offer Money Transfer solutions.

  • An online payment system which is reliable even for high-risk industries
  • Weekly settlement
  • Assessment can be completed at least 1-2 days
  • System for prevention of chargeback

High-Level Security

Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance is the highest level of compliance within the card payment industry's security standards for credit card data.
We maintain strict PCI-DSS compliance - it helps reduce overhead for our customers by eliminating time,
cost and risk associated with achieving independent PCI-compliant status.

Loss of highly confidential card data results in reputational and financial damage. The Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is applicable to all parties involved in the card-payment process.

Risk Management

Individual Blacklist by Account

Prevents re-use of fraudulent accounts

Check whether BIN number is equivalent to the country in the address

Control and remove illicit transactions

Maximum Number of Transactions per Account

Reduces risk by reducing attempt from a single account

Identify doublets within a specific timeframe

This check prevents duplicate orders in case of two identical transactions. Identical transactions are transactions with the same Transaction ID, Amount, Payment type and Account number within a certain timeframe.

Anonymous Proxy Check

Prevents shoppers using anonymous proxy tools to make payments on your site. This is accomplished with cooperation with a geo location provider that updates data in real time.

3D Secure

End users are redirected to their issuing bank when paying with credit/debit cards, where they have to enter a secure PIN code. You shift full liability as soon as 3D secure is attempted.

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