Deposit and transfer

i-Account transactions are available anytime and anywhere.
i-Account provides 24-hour online services and allows access from PC/Mac, tablet or smart phone. Automatic e-mail notifications will be sent to you whenever there is a deposit or transfer in your i-Account. Once you have successfully opened and funded your i-Account, the i-Card is a great way to easily access and use your money anywhere around the world.
  • Deposit
  • Transfer
  • Load to card

Deposit to i-Account

i-Account has five deposit methods.

1.Bank transfer (SWIFT)

1. Bank transfer

We use reference System guides clients in selecting the most suitable channel in making inward transfers. Generally within 3-5 business days. (*Processing time will vary in banks and may cause delays.)
2.Local bank transfer

2. Local bank transfer

The “Local Bank Transfer” service enables clients to transfer funds from their domestic bank account to any of our locally appointed bank accounts to send money to their i-Account.This provides clients with local bank options depending on specific remittance needs (destination and currency), helping clients save cost on bank charges and remit funds much faster
3.Internal transfer

2. Internal transfer

Internal transfers between i-Accounts enable immediate fund verification. This is an ideal method for those who require instant settlement services.
4.Deposit using cards

3. Deposit from card

Support for credit card funding using VISA and MasterCard will be rolled out very soon.
5.Deposit from another E-money provider

4. Deposit from other company's E-money

Support for 3rd Party electronic money provider funding will also be available very soon.

* A notification e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address once the deposit into i-Account is completed.

Deposit methods

Transfer using i-Account

There are two ways to transfer funds with i-Account.

1.International transfer

1. International transfer

i-Account supports 24-hour online international transfers. Funds may be transferred to any SWIFT-connected bank account in the world within 2-3 business days. Transfers are currently offered in 22 different currencies.
2.Internal transfer

2. Internal transfer

i-Account enables users to make real-time fund transfers to another i-Account holder, which is the optimal way for those who require speedy transactions and instant fund settlements at a very low cost.
* There's no service charge to the beneficiary for receiving funds in the i-Account.

Top-up card from i-Account in real time

i-Card is a great way for you to easily access and utilize your i-Account deposits anywhere around the world. You may load your i-Card whenever you wish by following the simple steps shown in your online i-Account. Within seconds, regardless of your location or time of day, you may top up your card with the required funds. Instantly, your i-Card is ready to make payments online or in-store, or withdraw local currency from ATMs around the world.

Advantages of the i-Account card

  • i-Account offers Prepaidcard without complicated procedures like background check or credit history check.
  • Being integrated with i-Account, the prepaid cards can within seconds be recharged from your i-Account.
  • Our cards may be used worldwide at retail stores, online or at any ATM displaying the Visa or MasterCard logo.
  • Card transaction history and balance can be easily viewed online in your i-Account statement.