Secure, Speedy and Simple online account

i-Account helps you with international transfers and settlements

Individual Account
Instant money transfer can be achieved with low service charge. Cardholders can enjoy convenient online shopping payment and settlement services especially when they travel overseas and use i-Card to withdraw local currency from ATMs.

Corporate Account
More comprehensive account functions are available for corporate users. Bulk transfer service is provided to transfer funds to multiple accounts at once. Auto payment and direct debit can also be pre-set in corporate i-Account.


  • 個人向け
  • 法人向け
  • Settlement of deals such as online shopping
  • Money transfer  to third-party's account
  • Instant card load is available whenever you need
  • Automatic fund transfer on specific date scheduled by corporate user is easy to realize(transfer on scheduled date)
  • Revenue management account
  • Alliance enterprise and member remuneration payment (Bulk transfer)
  • transfer to banks all over the world
  • It can realize auto deduction (direct debit) to save management time